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Derren Woods
Derren Woods

With over 15 years specialised experience in the energy sector covering a wide range of roles, I have extensive knowledge of all aspects of the industry and everything I do is driven to making life easier for your business in its energy dealings.

My experience of working with a diverse range of clients, helps me understand the impact that energy costs have on your business. 

It is because of my background that the service I offer my clients is far beyond the everyday energy broker approach.

I always listen to your company's individual requirements, so from the procurement side you can make an informed choice about the most suitable contract and together we can formulate a strategy that will see a reduction in your energy costs over the course of our relationship.

Derren Woods has provided a superb personal service for us over the past 6 years, and I know his new business, Buying Power, will be highly successful. We will certainly be one of his first new clients, and I do expect him to save our energy costs with the same attention to detail as he has throughout.
Gemma Forbes; CEO Land Associates Jupiter Ltd.
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